Qelichi village located 15 kilometers from the city of Ardabil and its height from sea level is 1987 m.
Agricultural products this village are wheat , barley , alfalfa , beans , potatoes , nuts , and dairy products livestock in the village cheese , milk , honey , meat red.
In this village wild animals and birds like wolves , pigs , wild boar , jackal , fox , rabbit , hedgehog , Gurgaon , partridges, eagles and quail live.
The climate of the village in winter is cold but temperate in spring and summer and is perfect for summer travel. The villagers mostly living in rural areas as seasonal summer most people are live in rural areas .Two mountain village named  Hot Ferro ( Gabriel ) and Sari hot .
Qelichi village after Moghan most cultivated land area of about 1000 hectares is almost the best product area Kuraim Radard product horizon.