Lagoon Patekhor in the Ardabil plain East and West Mountains Baghrv (Talysh) is located and its geographical coordinates are as follows:.
E: E4825 - E4830 north latitude: N3818 N3822 1330 m height above sea level

The extent of the study area studies to identify the area as a hunting area is about 5600 hectares and the depth of the pond at the deepest point is more than 2 meters.

According to the semi-arid climate of the region where the average annual rainfall 278.5 mm and the average maximum temperature was 21.8 ° C in August and a minimum average daily 5.3- measured in February. The average number of frost days per year is 123 days.

Pate korh wetland habitat:
This wetland is in fact three natural ponds with Gharehsou is the result of river drainage. And in the spring of high water and high rainfall, the river broke Gharehsou to natural ponds with above the local term called Gobi connected to each other and wetland estuary constitute a single under the name token economy and a cozy place to rest and wintering migratory birds, mainly from the north and northwest (Siberia and northern Europe) migrate to the region considered.

Siberian Crane according to international regulations and under the protection of the species is critically endangered. The bird migration route, short breaks that place, as the case may be, in Iran, Lavandevil in Astara city or Lagoon estuary token economy is in Ardabil province. The Siberian Crane Wetland Research Center, according to the expert, the most suitable habitat for this species is a temporary break.


Patekhor wetlnad hunting area